Friday, 13 June 2014

A style rut and some storage

For some unknown reason I've been drawn to black a lot recently. Perhaps it's to match the bags under my eyes it's featured heavily recently in my outfits! 

I'm sort of in a style rut at the moment and I'm really not feeling the love for my wardrobe space so maybe that's something to do with it. I'm looking forward to the move into the new house so I have a bit more room for my clothes. Being able to see everything at a glance will help, out of sight out of mind and all that!! 

We're about two months away from moving in and my dressing room (yes my, hubbie can find a wee corner somewhere for his, or share with the wee man like he does now!) and en suite currently looks like this.

Some day soon I hope it will look like this.

I'm hoping I can stretch the space enough to have this! 

Necklace storage is another obstacle I've have to overcome. Since starting The Treasure Trove my necklace collection has grown considerably! Perks of the job of course! I've taken over a decorative hanging thingymajig in the bathroom, necklaces can now be found in every nook and cranny of our small house at the minute. 

All necklaces from my shop The Treasure Trove

Now most people can't spare the space to have a wall of shoes, but necklace storage is a bit easier to overcome. I like the idea of hooks and on rails to store mine, as you can see it all at a glance, and it's doesn't take up too much room.

These ones from Ikea are marketed as a kitchen storage solution, but I think they will be perfect for the job. The little hanging cups will come in handy too. Our Master bedroom accent colour is orange so it works out perfect. Love it when a good storage plan comes together!! 

Onto recent outfits- if you like black you've come to the right place. If colour is your thing, well maybe check back next time when I'm feeling a bit more inspired! 

Isabel Marant for H&M tee
Next white skinnies 

New look striped top
Next white skinnies 
H&M boots

Next top
Oasis skinnies
Next shoes 

F&F blouse
Topshop skinnies
New look shoes

Hopefully next time I'll be a little more colourful and inspiring!



  1. How wonderful to have a dressing room, a dream come true! Can't wait to see it when you move in! x

  2. Oooh Trea our first glimpse in your new house. Very exciting. I love my dressing room but hate having to share it with the other half. But I have a plan for the new house (he doesn't know yet). Will it be all yours?? Seems really strange seeing you without a pop of colour but I think you look fab even if you aren't feeling the love x

  3. Seriously, you look amazing! I know what's it like when you feel in a rut (just been through one myself) but it's not forever. Once you get that wardrobe done, you'll be wanting to add to it! I am loving those Ikea kitchen hangers - what a fab idea! x

  4. Madly jealous of the your new dressing room ... can't believe there isn't even a hint of yellow ... and of course, you still look gorgeous!

  5. Some lovely outfits, but understand if you're not feeling them as much, what's one person's excitement is another person's rut and all that!

    Best of luck with getting the wardrobe of your dreams - I'm slowly organising mine, finally having pretty much everything out at last, rather than rotating with suitcases etc. I've been buying loads of those non-slip velour coated hangers, they're brilliant as they're also space savers!

    P x

  6. Oh how I would love that shoe storage!! You still look amazing Trea even if you are not feeling you in the IM top, white jeans and sliders! You look so cool xx

  7. You look wonderful, Trea, and I would do dastardly things to get a walk in wardrobe and further despicable acts to gain a shoe storage unit like that!! Keep your' chin up my lovely. H xx

  8. That is a dream walk in wardrobe Trea & I can't wait to see how you style yours you lucky girl! Those hanging kitchen cups are so fab aren't they? Like you my necklace collection has grown & I really need to do something about it asap! You look fab in all of those outfits! I love the NL stripy top & I have those Next sandals too! They are a great birkylookylikey! Ax

  9. I'm so jealous of your dressing room! I have one too, but it's not nearly as spacious as yours, and I really need to get round to investing in some pieces to jazz it up a bit - you've inspired me! I've also been really drawn to black lately, which is strange because I hardly ever wear it, especially in the summer: must be something in the water!


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